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The system designers at S2 had a clear vision: set aside the 20 year-old design patterns used by other integrated systems in the market today and start over—with a clean sheet.
Our goals were to:

  • Make the system truly open; don’t force the customer to buy from a single reseller or manufacturer.
  • Utilize the resources that the system owners already have: networks, web browsers, installed card readers and cameras.
  • Focus on minimizing the cost of the system—not just the purchase cost but the entire life cycle cost.
  • Recognize that facilities can be large or small.
  • Understand that enterprises may have a mixture of both; that they can be staffed or operate unattended.
  • Realize that systems require maintenance but don’t require that it be done on-site.
  • And, most of all make the system ultra-reliable. Remove the moving parts so there is nothing to break. Don’t install client software that can conflict with or be conflicted by other software.

    Security systems are typically designed for large applications or small ones. Often the large ones are feature rich but very expensive. The small ones may be economical but they lack features. The S2 NetBox is a new class of system.

  • Every S2 NetBox is full-featured, bringing sophisticated capabilities to small and large applications alike;
  • Applications scale by simply adding additional S2 NetBox hardware anywhere on the network;
  • Optional software modules integrate advanced functions such as photo ID production, retrieval of stored video, and more. S2 constantly adds additional standard and optional features to the S2 NetBox platform. Third party solutions including data security integration are also available to integrate with the S2 NetBox.

  • VUANCE long-range RFID solutions bring tremendous flexibility to any application. Adjustable from short range to ultra long range you now have the freedom to track moving vehicles, open gates, track assets and many other applications that traditional access control technology does not provide.

    VUANCE develops long-range RFID solutions, including readers, tags (vehicle and asset), middleware, and software based on advanced  technology and a firm understanding of nature of radio communications. 
    VUANCE’s passive reader units are small, reliable and effective and can be applied using multiple communications media
    • Communicate with access control systems in standard 26 or 32 bit Wiegand format, or RS-232, RS-485, or TCP/IP (Ethernet) protocol for custom software solutions.
    • Activated by a 433 MHz broadcast and sends signals to readers in a 5 to 10,000 foot range
    • Track and locate personnel or detect movement of goods in many different applications
    The software and readers rely on small, low-powered RF tags attached to an object or person. These weatherproof and shock resistant tags are inexpensive and attach easily to key chains, uniform equipment, property, or vehicles to allow ID and tracking wherever it’s needed.
    License-free radio bands are used to track RF signals and can be read on hand-held devices. Transmitters can be programmed for periodic or event-driven transmissions.
    • For high-security sites or situations, encrypted tag-to-reader communication prevents cloning or copying.
    • Integrated anti-collision algorithm allows multiple tags to be simultaneously identified by a single reader, allowing employees to be matched to individual laptops or assets, shipping pallets to merchandise, assets to “authorized” locations, drivers to specific vehicles.
    Hands-Free Long-Range RFID Asset Tags 
    For real-time, asset loss prevention, inventory management, and personnel/asset tracking.
    • Identify and track laptops, office machines, computer systems, tools, telephones.
    • Identify employees and visitors in office buildings, hospitals, retail stores, warehouses, industrial facilities, mines and military installations.
    Hands-Free Long-Range RFID Vehicle Tags
    Long-range vehicle ID for parking and fleet management, access control, asset loss prevention at airports, gated communities, truck and bus terminals, employee parking lots, hospitals, industrial facilities, railroads, mines and military installations.